Friday, March 4, 2016

What We Hold In Our Hearts

"Art is as much about what is not there is about what is there. The greatness of a work of art depends more in what it holds back than in what it shows. " - Enrique Martinez Celaya, On Art and Mindfulness 2002

Because my profession has primarily been in the Arts, I'm often ask "Are your children also artist?" To this I usually reply "yes". Of course my children are grown now and have not chosen the same path as me but they are still artist.

Their creativity abounds in their chosen careers and lives. Both intelligent and beautiful women, one a teacher and one accountant, I believe that they are both very creative individuals. The one lesson that they learned is creativity is a message of growth, hope and belief, regardless of how it is conveyed.

My daughter (accountant) recently sent me this drawing she created. I don't know if she realized the impact its message would bring, one of hope, growth and belief of good things to come. Because it's not the greatness of what I see, it the greatness of what I know.

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