Friday, February 26, 2016

Cooperation from the Heart to the Mind

The mind and body connection has been analyzed and written about for a very long time. The outcome being how you think can affect how you feel and likewise, how you feel can affect how you think. Knowing these special terms can help us to understand who we are and why we feel (and think) the way we do.

The key to it all, I believe is practicing the terms your heart and mind presents to you. The operative word being present.

The creative mind has the innate ability to take your experiences and represent them in a visual sense. All the choices that you make are reflections of your heart and mind working together. Whether it is the pass that seeps forward or the immediate - one thing is for sure you are creating in the present.

Take a look back at a piece of art that you created and try to remember the details of the work, when did you work on it, what did it mean to you at the time and what does it mean now.

Our brains react to everything that is around us. Find your sketchbook and a pen. Go to a very busy space (classroom, restaurant etc.) Sit down, make yourself comfortable, with sketchbook and pen in hand close your eyes and draw whatever comes to mind. After a few minutes open your eyes and notice how focused you are on the drawing process. Shut out the world around you and commit to you.  Try this experiment in different locations, noisy, quiet and so on. Look at your drawings and share them others, write about them. Explore all the depths of being present and how you connected with heart and mind.

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