Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grafix Rub-onz Project

Liquid Watercolor, Rub-onz Grafix, Ledger Book 
This project involves creating a transfer from Rub-onz by Grafix and incorporating the transfer into a mixed-media piece of art.
Step one - gather supplies needed for the project. Grafix Rub-onz, Grafix Doubletack Adhesive Film, Grafix Acetate self-adhesive, substrate (I used watercolor paper 16 x 20), liquid watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencils, brushes, matte medium, collage resources, scissors, craft knife, plastic 1" putty knife, jet-ink printer.  Below you see that you can create a watercolor piece of art or use one an image that already exist.
Step Two - follow the directions on the Grafix Rub-onz, print the image on the matte side of the film.
Step Three - peel the white liner paper from the Rub-onz film and adhere the sticky side down to the matte side of the image.
Step Four - Using a putty knife or stick, burnish down the film until all bubbles are removed. Set aside the cut-out image.
Step Five - Begin working on your background. I used a sheet of 200# watercolor cold pressed paper, ledger sheets, acrylic paint and matte medium.
Step Six - Apply matte medium to the substrate (watercolor paper), wet the ledger paper and adhere. Smooth out flat with a putty knife.
Step Seven - Embellish the background as desired with acrylic paint and matte medium.
Step Eight -  I drew a window and mounted it on Grafix Doubletack Adhesive Film. I also used a player piano scroll, symbols printed on Grafix Transparency Sheets.
Step Nine - Cut out the window and other collage pieces.
Step Ten - Adhere the collage pieces to the background and embellish as desired.
Step Eleven - Adhere the watercolor flower Rub-onz transfer to the background and embellish.

For more project ideas see Grafix website. Have fun creating!!!!

The Watercolor Printed on the Matte Film

Watercolor along with Rub-onz 

Peel the white liner paper from the transfer film.

Using scissors or craft knife trim image.

Step Six - Background Supplies

Supplies to embellish the background.

Step Seven - Background

Step Eight -Supplies for Collage Images.

Supplies for Collage Images

Step Nine -Collage & Transparency (self adhesive)

Step Ten - Use color pencil to embellish

Step Ten - Adhere  images

Step Eleven - Adhere Flower Transfer

Step Eleven - Embellish art as desired