Saturday, September 13, 2014

Notre Dame Characters and Life

Summer Vacation Part 2
The Eurostar from London to Paris was a fast and efficient way to travel the miles. Now, I cannot say I didn't get a little anxious on the train, thinking about the fact that we were traveling underwater. Amazing isn't it? Not, my anxiety but that a train can travel underwater safely? 

Once in Paris we boarded the coach (they don't want you to call it a bus) and tour around stopping at Notre Dame. A long list of characters flashed into my head at the site of this landmark. 

Napoleon, of course and his decision to save the Cathedral from destruction; this would also be the site of his crowning.

A long list of King Louis and their desires to "modernize" the cathedral.

The Bishop Sully who vision from the drawing in dirt to the completion of the cathedral (unfortunately he died before the final completion). 

And my all time favorite association, Victor Hugo, Quasimodo and Esmeralda (notice I left the antagonist out - who wants negative energy). 

Onward to our accommodations and little rest. 

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