Friday, September 12, 2014

Hyde Park and Harrods

Summer Vacation Part 1
On our way to Harrods we strolled through Hyde Park, this proofed to peaceful and relaxing. We stopped along the way to see the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It can be appreciated as a marvelous creation, and a suitable tribute to The People's Princess.  In marked contrast to many public monuments, this is unobtrusively beautiful and in perfect harmony with its surroundings. What sets it apart from other monuments? That fact that you can actually wade in the water. It was so enjoyable to watch the children splash and play in this fountain.

Harrods you ask? Yes, I always visit Harrods when in London - it is art and design with a sidebar of retail therapy. The food is amazing, the merchandise spectacular and the energy level off the charts. My favorite room in the store? The spy room - gadgets and devices even James Bond would have. I am still thinking about that drone, would love to have it to play with. No, not to spy or intrude on someone's privacy. But to deliver messages and possibly food to my grandchildren. Now, if they could just improve the battery life and weight limit as to what it can carry - I would be in. Last Day in London, tomorrow on the Eurostar to Paris!

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