Monday, September 15, 2014

Heights and History - Eiffel Tower

Selfie and smiling - however trepidation is creeping in...

Thank goodness there is a barrier between me and the ground. 

Summer Vacation Part 2
You couldn't possibly visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Even if you do not want to visit this world famous structure, you will see its top from all over Paris. The tower is 984 ft - did I mention I do not like heights?  This temporary exhibition, wondering when it is coming down? Just kidding - Gustave would be a little disappointed (Gustave you still have the Statue of Liberty). 

We rode the elevator up to the second level - high enough for me. A then made a near fatal mistake - taking the stairs down to the first level. Yikes, descending down these open metal, slippery steps on a waning structure was not well thought out and regretted. Anxiety set in (yes, I know that there is medication available) along with trepidation of the next level. Level 2 has glass floors for viewing (oh goody! my anxiety said).  Finally after my deep breathing exercises and review of my yoga classes (thank you Brittney) I pulled my chi back together and enjoyed this lovely structure and its view. It's all good - thank you Gustave for your beautiful mind and sharing it with the world. 

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Brittney said...

I can only imagine this entire scenario. Love it and the selfie!