Thursday, May 2, 2013

Postcard Wall

As the electronic world speeds up and takes over communication, we lose the tangible beauty of snail mail. I remember the days of excess junk and an overstuffed mailbox. This is a rare occurrence these days; however when mail does arrive I hold on to the invitations, cards and postcards. Being a mixed media artist allows me this indulgence, because I might "need" something for a project...

Postcards have long be one of my favorites, they are small, precise and to the point. I like this brief interlude with the sender. We can communicate on a format as small as 4" x 6". Most postcards have beautiful visuals, photos, graphics or prints. My favorite postcards are the ones with handwritten messages - this completes the package. Let's look at this little piece of real estate, you've got a visual, message or invitation, sender and receiver's information, a postage stamp (or meter stamp) date and bar code - all on a single two sided card. Who or what can do better than that?

Ok to the point of this post, are you also collecting postcards, cards or notes? If so, consider this form of wall display; place your cards in an interesting arrangement on the wall, hanging them with putty. You may purchase a pack of putty in most stores (usually in the picture frame area). Simply roll up a small bit of putty and adhere to back of the card and press into position on the wall. The nice thing about the putty is it doesn't mark up the wall or leave residue. As you begin to collect more cards, add them to your wall space.

You can enjoy your card wall everyday, the beauty of the cards and the memories of events. And if you have some extra time, drop me a postcard - would love to hear from you!

Kimberly Santiago
Creative Corner @ Hodgepodge
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