Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Bangles

Mixed Media Collage Bangles
Looking a fun project for you and your friends? Check out Creative Corner in Hodgepodge, Downtown Clarksville for some great ideas, including this Mixed Media Collage Bangle. The kits are a mere $4.95 and they include a wooden bangle, beautiful collage paper, sandpaper, instructions and helpful hints. Read on and see how easy and fun this project can be. 

 Once you purchase your kit, you may use the paper included or select your own. Perhaps add a copy of a personal photo. You have several options, you may paint the entire bangle, paint the inside of the bangle or chose not to paint at all.

 If you chose to paint the inside of the bangle, like I did here. You will need a paint brush and some acrylic paint (also available at Creative Corner).

 After the paint has dried, select your background paper and cut or tear in manageable sizes, about 1" by 1 1/2". Apply the adhesive with a brush to the back of the paper. You may use white glue, Mode Podge or matte medium as your adhesive.

 Use your fingers to smooth down the paper onto the bangle. Remember there will be wrinkles and overlap. Continue to cover the paper on the inside of the bangle if desired or allow it to overlap and remove it. Once the bangle is dry you may tear or cut away excess paper.  

 Once the bangle is dry, you may add embellishments like the cut outs shown. Keep in mind different options; you may want to photo copy a personal photo and add it, or use vintage letters, postage stamps or maps.
 Add adhesion to the embellishment in the same matter as before. Smooth down and let dry.
Once dry, you may sand the edges and wrinkles to get a smooth and finished look. Optional - coat the entire bangle with a matte or gloss sealer (mode podge works). Have fun! Be creative!

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