Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mixed Media - Cut out flowers

Cut out flower artwork
painted plats
black sharpie

Prepare plat (maps) with acrylic paint. Paint on up to three colors. Set aside to dry.

Prepare canvas with background paint. This is a good opportunity to re-use canvas. Set aside to dry.

Trace flowers onto painted plats. Cut out with scissors. Lay the flowers in a pleasing arrangement. 

Apply adhesive on the back of the flowers and press down. 

Optional - Fill in the background with small cut out circles. 

Once dry, trace the cutouts with a black sharpie. 

Hang art and impress all your friends. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vintage Textiles

Introducing fabric into Mixed Media Art is a another great way to add a new texture. Vintage Textiles are readily available with traditional designs. The idea of a hand stitch item among paint and other mediums is interesting. This opportunity to gather and present a variety of items in one piece of art is what Mixed Media is all about. Grab some Vintage Textiles, be bold and brave; cut up, paint or layer more items on the art.