Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Change is good....

Change is good....change is good.... except when it involves technology. Yes, I do appreciate the new updates, looks and advancements - however, I could use a little advance warning. You see, I need the time to emotionally process these things that will have a predominant effect on my world. Like posting on my blog, simply enough --- you would think. I have been doing it for awhile now, humming along in blog land perfectly fine and then wham. After many attempts I have finally figured the changes that are going to make my blog life easier - point made.

Creative processes --- lets move in a positive space. Take a look at your home and office space, need some original artwork? I have a few ideas -

   Use travel photos and embellish with other mediums (paint, pencil etc).

   Copy family photos onto Grafix Rubonz Transfer Sheet and adhere to a painted background. See
   sample art.

   Use quotes or sayings framed in a simple frame. You may also embellish with other mediums.

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