Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whew! The art shop is officially open! Thank you everyone for your help and support, especially with my knee limitations. Kendall, Crystal, Jennifer and Patti.... many thanks for helping me carrying things up and downstairs. Becky H. as always thank you for helping me pull it all together at the end. And Paige for her long distance help and support. Jane and her superior food from The Lovin Spoonful....yummy. And of course my family, the quiet little elves who work hard and always support me.

It is my hope that everyone will embrace this heartfelt art shop in downtown Clarksville and it may continue to grow for years to come. Please drop by and check things out, while you are there shop in Hodgepodge and ARTifacts, both tremendously inspirational shops for you and your home.

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Teri said...

Looks like fun! I'll be by soon.