Sunday, June 26, 2011

Workshops and Art Shop

This summer has been such a busy time with teaching mixed media and opening the art shop. Regretfully, things get put aside - such as this blog. But the good news is, things are started to level off. Or perhaps, I will tell myself that and attend to the lovely world of e-communication.

So here we are, a tiny (but heart-filled none the less) new art shop to open in the beautiful historic area of Clarksville. The entrance is on Strawberry Alley or you may shop your way through the fabulous Hodgepodge (off Franklin Street) and enter up the stairs. Please plan to drop by on the night of July 7th (5-8), browse around and let me know what items you would like to see in stock. Creative Corner @ Hodgepodge will offer art supplies and inspiration geared towards the mixed media artist. Don't know what that is? Well come on by and lets talk about. We have mixed media kits that you can take home and create art. Also if you saw my FB post you see that I will be stocking unique ephemera from nationally known artist like Teesha Moore. Yummy! Yummy!

Workshops - love the energy I get from the students! I am currently teaching with CSA at APSU (mixed media) and Watkins College in Nashville (again mixed media). Take a look at some of the nice work the students have created. We have been working with overlaying pattern tissue, found poetry, altered book pages, collage sheets and oh so much more.

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