Thursday, June 2, 2011

The "to do list"

As much as I like to use technology, I still revert to the handwritten "to do list". I have tried inputting information into my phone, ipod, ipad and laptop - but forever seem to go back to my black and white composition notebook, traditional method of handwriting my daily task. The best thing is that I am okay with this traditional habit. Power to traditional methods!

One of the best thing about opening an art store.... the supplies. Yes, they are arriving boxes and boxes, yummy. I am also enjoying the sample packs from manufacturers. If you have taken one of my workshops you know I talk endlessly about two companies in particular; Grafix and their Doubletack Film and Ampersand's Claybord, the ultimate multi-media panel (I didn't coin that phrase it is on their package).

Ampersand also has a product called Stampbord - oh yes this is the most amazing stamping and crafting surface (again I didn't coin that phrase it is on their package). Stampbord comes in different sizes and shape. I like the Stampbord Bags - they offer a variety of shapes and sizes that are great for a magnitude of things. Needless to say, Stampbord products will be available in the art shop (Creative Corner at Hodgepodge)

I will post some photos - later - remembered the camera forgot the cord.

Check out the Ampersand website -

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Diana Trout {} said...

I'm with you on the handwritten "to do". It's just easier for me and the plus side is handling the book. Thanks for the follow and the comment! Glad to find you.