Thursday, May 26, 2011

All Things Good

Zapped by time.... here I am reflecting back on previous months. The winter months were filled with mixed media workshops and snow. Yes, even in the south snow abounds; short winter days were filled with cold temperatures and lots of snow. However in my cozy studio, creativity hummed along. I enjoyed many cups of coffee with my downtown neighbors and friends. We put aside winter's woe and looked ahead at all things good.

Spring teased us along many days with breaks of sunshine and tempting temperatures. Unfortunately she also brought her thrashing rain and tornadoes. But once again, I plowed along and looked at all things good.

And good things are here, my daughter and son-in-law returned to the States after living in the UK for two years. It is wonderful to set eyes on them more frequently and to have them within driving distance. All things are good.

My grandson has finished fifth grade and is moving on to middle school. A big jump in his life and mine. With his elementary school within walking distances of my house, I have had the pleasure of seeing him after school for the past two years. I will miss his young energy, sense of humor and all things good.

The coffee pot isn't the only thing percolating in my downtown studio, me and Paige King at Hodge Podge have partnered to open an art shop, dubiously named Creative Corner at Hodge Podge. Creative Corner will offer art supplies and creative kits. The kits are a new product line from Lime Juice - vintage creativity with a modern twist. Creative Corner will be located in the back of Hodge Podge - street entrance 124 Strawberry Alley. This endeavor is still a work in progress (opening date is tentatively set for mid June) formal announcements and press releases to come... in the meantime we truly appreciate everyone's support and future business. This little project has consumed my days but I know all things are good.

Paint Life Grand has been booked solid and is rolling quietly along. I have throughly enjoyed this slice of my life, meeting new creative people. Last night's paint party was at the home of Joy Roberts, featured artwork was the Roxy. Joy is a dear friend and I always enjoy spending time with her. Anyone looking for a creative evening or afternoon, let me know. You can book a painting party or mixed media, contact me for detailed information.

All things good....


Paige Thomas King said...

huh? you're partnering with paige at hodgepodge? well, if you think that's best . . .

Paige Thomas King said...

okay--i'm downright giddy! there's so much we can do--clarksville will love this! especially since you're involved. looking forward to our new venture.