Wednesday, September 1, 2010

True Believer

Creating an art piece for a show is always exciting. True Believer is a mixed media piece, 36 x 48, the collage resources are maps from Edinburgh Scotland, letters from Covent Gardens in London and a school boys homework from the 1940s'. The flower image came from a pressed flower, scanned and enlarged at a printers. The color blocks across the bottom are 2 x 2 squares of Color-aid paper.

Substrate - 36 x 48 canvas
Adhesives: Grafix - Double Tack Mounting Film, Computer clear self adhesive acetate, Modge Podge,
Papers - buff (letter in background) Color-aid (squares)
Acrylic Paint - white and brown (maps and flowers)
Oil Pastels - embellishment around color squares
Stitching - sewing machine stitches on the map rectangles

True Believer will be exhibited at Riverfest, Smith-Trahern Mansion, Sept. 10 - 11 2010, Clarksville TN.

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much love said...

Nice. I was also at Riverfest. Some nice things there. It was so much fun also!