Saturday, September 25, 2010

12 x 24 panels, mixed media, top image is titled "X Y Z" and the bottom image is "Flight". These pieces are going to be featured on Dick Blick Art Supplies online as part of a video demonstration with Grafix Corporation. As you all know, I am a big fan of Grafix products, I use them faithfully in many of my mixed media pieces.

The leaves on "X Y Z" are made by copying a pressed leaf onto Grafix's Rub Onz Transfer Film, hence actually making a rub on sticker of the leaf. I do this on my Kodak AIO printer, the color and clarity are beautiful. The running strip incorporated within each framed section of the leaves were created on Computer Grafix's printable Transparency Film (again with my Kodak AIO). The original copy was a child's homework paper from the 1950's. The fragile handwriting was picked up perfectly on the Grafix's Transparency Film. Even better is the fact that this transparency film is self adhesive!

On to "Flight", using the Computer Grafix's Transparency Film, I drew a butterfly (black sharpies on Dur A Lar paper - another Grafix's product*), copied it onto the Transparency Film and adhered to an acrylic sheet, the kind you would find in the framing section - just sheets in a variety of sizes (you can cut them with an acrylic blade). I then painted a watercolor of the butterfly on watercolor paper - without using any black. Overlaying the acrylic sheet on the watercolor and presto! The butterfly is complete. I used Grafix's Double Tack Mounting Film** to adhere the butterfly and acrylic sheet together and again to add to the background.

The subtle leaves in the background are made from pressed leaves copied onto Grafix's Rub Onz Transfer Film, the transparency of them is just yummy.

*Dura Lar Matte Film - alternative to acetate - translucent, strong, non-tearing polyester film with a frosted coating - draw or trace your pattern with ink or pencil to create stencils or masks or drawings.

**Double Tack - 2 sided mounting film - Archival quality adhesive film: forms a permanent bond between all types of materials. Simply peel-off the backing and apply. Use with art, craft, fabric, photos, wood metal ceramic and paper.

Computer Grafix - laser, Ink Jet, multipurpose Computer-printable transparent plastic films for use in Laser/copiers, Ink jet printers or both. Great for layering, journaling, windown adn shaker boxes, printed photos and more.

Rub-Onz Transfer Film - create high quality rub on transfers. Draw directly on the film or use an original drawing and copier.

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