Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The month of June flew by as I prepared to leave the country. Viewing my invoices I see that over one hundred canvas were ordered and used in paint workshops. WOW! It has been a joy to teach painting techniques. My book Collage Playground F + W Media, North Light, also made its debut. The response to the book has been exciting. Thank you everyone for sharing your comments with me. It is my hope that everyone gains more insight into the world of mixed media. Art is a catalyst for numerous ideas, emotions and creativity. Visit your local book, thumb through my book, please take it home --- and make some art.

The video post is from the last couple days, glorious ones in the UK -- Aberdeen Scotland. My oldest daughter, two grandchildren. We are visiting my youngest daughter -- and loving life. The video contains our first day (jet lag) playground, hence why I am not visible - 24 hours without sleep. The next day is on Balmedie Beach, beautiful sand dunes and the North Sea. Please view the video.

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