Monday, June 7, 2010

Different Similarities - The Ying and Yeng continued, part 1

Good things always lead to more good things. This was definitely the case with Colette. She introduced me to Christina and proposed that she work on the collaboration. How delighted I was to meet and work with Christina. Her first piece appeared on my facebook page and received enthusiastic comments from all my friends. She is a prolific artist, taking my materials and creating intriguing pieces, that captivate your eye as well as your mind. Her work shows a range of talent and diversity. What a magical experience to view her art.


Colette George said...
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Colette George said...

(Ok- lemme try this again and this time it should make sense)

Thank you Kimberly! This was fun and I was thinking the same things about your color choices when I decided to use the washed pink stenographer paper- fabulous! It was hard to choose but I decided to go with the pieces that had color that deeply resonated colors I like to use. I love how your color wash on the stenographer ephemera turned out. Lorrie and Christina did beautiful work and it was fun to see their work.
Thanks for inviting me, it was fun. Wishing you lots of success with your wonderful nook coming out. It's great!

icandy... said...

you are jsimply wonderful! thank you for the opportunity to work with such amazing and talented artists.
christina :)