Monday, June 7, 2010

Different Similarities - The Ying and Yeng

I am always looking for ways to bring artist into my life, the energy and talent they offer is so rewarding to me. One characteristic of being an artist, is that we like "our time" the isolation of working and creating. The ying of this characteristic is that we also crave interaction of other creative people. My quintessential balance of the ying and yeng are collaboration projects. I enlisted the help of a few phenomenal artist; Lorri Lennox, Perth Austrilia, Colette George, Riddle Oregon and Christina Jackson, Atchison Kansas, to work with me on a project I entitled Different Similarities. In this project I sent them an envelope stuffed with my ephemera, unfinished artwork, sketches etc. The guidelines were simple, create a piece of art that incorporates some or all of my materials. This task was open to their own interpretation, meaning the materials could simply inspire or physically be part of their artwork. They were asked to compare and contrast the title Different Similarities; to look for meaning in their art in conjunction with how they viewed others and (perhaps) how they wanted to be viewed. I asked them to be creative and not to edit ideas or thoughts.

The process of this project was such a joy for me, it allowed me to get a glimpse of three superb artist. Each of them unique and beautiful in extraordinary ways. Lorri was going through a difficult time with the recent death of her mother, however she never wavier from the project and in the end embraced her feelings of loss. Her work is colorful and delightful. The words "Celebrate Life" clearly relay a message.

I have always enjoyed Colette's work, she has the ability to use peripheral materials, candy wrappers, bits of thread and fabric; creating romantic, feminine and endearing art. Her color choices melt in your mouth, while the texture woos you for more.

Good things always lead to more good things. This was definitely the case with Colette. She introduced me to Christina and proposed that she work on the collaboration. How delighted I was to meet and work with Christina. Her first piece appeared on my facebook page and received enthusiastic comments from all my friends. She is a prolific artist, taking my materials and creating intriguing pieces, that captivate your eye as well as your mind. Her work shows a range of talent and diversity. What a magical experience to view her art.

Please take the time to view these talented artist work on the blogs titled Different Similarities - The Ying and Yeng, part one, two and three.

What more can I say, except that I am grateful for the ying and yeng of life and mostly talented artist. Thank you Lorri, Colette and Christina for making art.


Lorri said...

All thanks go to you Kimberly! It was my pleasure to be a part of this project. Allowing me to be a part of this project not only inspired me, but allowed me to be free with my expression, yet stretched me to incorporate items that I may not have used normally. It was a lot of fun, and working with you was incredible. You are a generous soul. Thank you for your patience during my difficult times. I can't wait to see the other work created too!
Thanks so much sweetie xo

icandy... said...

Thank you very much, Kimberly!
I cannot express enough what an honor it was to work with such amazing talent! I love that we happened to stumble across each other because of our mutual, sweet friend Colette, and I will be forever grateful to you both! This was such a heartfelt and special experience for me.
I'm just getting to know Lorri as well, and am so very happy that we were all able to create together using and trading such different varieties of materials!
A million thank you's being sent your way, you are dear to me!

icandy... said...

just checking in on you, kimberly!
happy 4th!