Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Things Considered

A visit to the dentist and doctor in the same day constitutes some type of reward. Yes, I bribe myself with small (maybe) gifts. On the particular day (I refer to as "medical science day") I dropped in a bookstore to browse. After cruising the art, craft, home improvement and photography isles, I landed in the magazine section... Boy, did I hit the bonaza.

Reading a magazine requires a cup of coffee, so I glided into the bookstores cafe (with my purchased magazines). Settled into a chair with coffee in hand and began reading the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. As I was flipping through I stumbled on the "now read this" section. I love to see the up and coming books, so I stopped and read. As I was reading I glanced over and saw the cover of my book Collage Playground. My mind reacted quite casually at first and then...I gasped! My book is being advertised, Wow! What a great feeling. Thank you Sarah Reynolds, marketing guru of F + W Media, for making my day (especially on medical science day). Even better the ad was coupled along with Susan Tuttle's Digital Expressions. She is a sweetheart. If you haven't picked up her other book Exhibition 36, you definitely should.

Well enough of my self indulgence for now. The message today; Read art and craft books, have a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy!

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icandy... said...

hello kimberly!
that sounds like my kinda reward! ;) i actually borrowed exhibition 36 from a library to read~ it was so inspirational! we seem love all of the same artsy things!
thank you for being such a wonderful friend!
hugs to you!