Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dangling Participles

I often wonder how many people transition through insecure moments in their day, week or perhaps, even their life. I am not talking about anyone in particular, just pondering the weak spot in the confidence department. I guess we could refer to it as the aneurysm in the flow of life. Similar to the "dangling participle", a point where you shift from being independent to dependent. In a flash, your modifiers become lost, or danglers.

Whether most artist would admit or not, we crave affirmation, the calming of acceptance. One thing I have discovered in the quest to create is that the process of creating itself is acceptance. My statement to everyone is to allow creativity to be a part of your life in one form or another. Live with art, create, cook, sew, embrace the right side of your brain. When you feel unsure, take a deep breath and move forward.