Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plot Your Own Mood Cycle in Art

How you ever notice the times when you are most creative? Have you long for a time to make art only to be frustrated because you are not in mood at that particular time? Think about it, your mind and body are in a cycle, literally. 

Understand who you are at different times. Let's try an exercise:

1. Pick up a sketchbook or notebook.
2. Date your daily entries. You only need to spend five minutes on each entry. Don't stress or edit, just do it.
3. Everyday at 10:00 am, write a word or sketch something to relay how you are feeling at that moment. Example, happy, tired, angry, thrilled, excited, neutral, satisfied etc. Sketching? Use color to emphasize your mood, keep the art simple, doodles, gesture drawings, shapes, lines, etc.
4. Repeat step two at least twice more each day, the objective is to have a morning, afternoon and evening entry.
5. Continue this for month. At the end of month, review your sketchbook. What patterns do you see? Look at the art you created over the month and compare it to the entries in the sketchbook. Is there a common denominator? 

What days during the month are you most creative? Least? Are you a morning person or nocturnal?

Examine your moods, you know you are in control. Accepting the fact that all people have mood cycles and accepting these fluctuations in people to the point of recognizing your own and other people's patterns-should do much to increase your ability to create, work and live. Try it, if you feel like it, get back to me. I would be most interested in your thoughts. 

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