Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Five Step Collage

As I look at other artist work, I am often overwhelmed by their process. I try to dissect the techniques that they used to create their art. You see, I am a person that can only tell you the time once I know how to build the clock. 

Once I started to "break things down" I realized that the technique of collage does not have to be complicated. This revelation lead me to originate "Collage Elements". What the heck are "Collage Elements", well these are the components that used to make mixed media art. Interested? Good! Go get your materials, you will need:
12" x 12" Card stock - solid color
Pack of double tack mounting film - available through Grafix and Hobby Lobby
10" x 10" paper with texture or print
5" x 5" book page
Image from magazine, book or your art 
Optional: Colored pencils, markers, paints, general art supplies to alter the surface.

Five Step Collage: Support, Background, Middle Ground, Foreground, Embellishments

We will start with the basics, the support, this is the paper, canvas, board or whatever you choose to use to support your art. Let's use a 12" x 12" piece of card stock. Easy to find, available in scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, Michaels or other craft stores.

Preparation: Apply double tack mounting film (available through Grafix) to each element. Leave the backing on the double tack until you are ready to adhere it. For cutting smaller size images and details, I recommend that you apply the double tack to a larger imager and than cut it down.

Background: Next select a background sheet, cut it in a square or rectangle, 8" x 10" or 10" x 10" apply double tack mounting film to the back, and adhered it to the support.

Middle ground: This is the element that will support your foreground, so select something that compliments the background and brings the foreground to its' fullest potential. This principle is known as "unity" or "harmony". Using different elements to compliment one another, creating a feeling of one, so that the elements relate to one another. This can be a book page or torn paper.

Foreground: Oh the "spotlight" of your art, select an image and place it on the middle ground. The placement of the image is important, centering something is too obvious, push your creativity and see how to position your foreground.

Embellishments: These are the elements that make the art "balance". Take a look at your piece, do you think that you should add some outlines, or color to an area? Do it! You are the artist, and your intuition is the key to the entire piece. 

Viola! You have completed a collage!

What about those "Collage Elements" stuff like collage sheets, flower pressed pages, altered book pages, transparencies and more.....Well now they are all included in my upcoming book, "Collage Playground", North Light Books, with many, many more beautiful projects to create. And best of all, inspiration for you to make art!

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