Friday, August 21, 2009

Conflicting Thoughts

As I journey down this lovely path of life, each day I discover more interesting information. Some about other people, some about myself. Life's experiences teach us so many wonderful things, allowing our minds to be comfortable. The process of physical aging is its own entity, the metamorphosis of the body..... Through this transformation I find myself buying more and more products, you know what I mean, vitamins, lotions, creams, whiteners and so on.

Perhaps there is a demand for a retail store designated to service the needs and wants of "baby boomers". A place where we all could go, shop, socialize, reminisce of the "good ole days" when our skin was tight, muscles toned and teeth white. 

I recently purchased dental flossers, the individual plastic flossers. I find these easier to use than the dental floss string. It is amazing how many different kinds of flossers are available. The first flossers I bought were great, with the exceptional the very sharp point on the tip. Yes, I poked myself several times, not good. The second brand I bought didn't have the weapon at the tip, however the string was weak and kept breaking. On to the third, haven't try them yet, though I am feeling confident about the strength of the floss. The package endorses "New improved super tuffloss, engineered not to shred or break during use. The same fiber used to make bulletproof vest." Well, I feel better about flossing my teeth, but now I am concerned with the lovely path on the journey of  life.....

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