Friday, August 14, 2009

Ask yourself

Ask yourself, how important is the creative process within your life? Do you crave it? Is it a necessity to survive? What makes you want to create? 

As an artist and a woman, I have conflicting feelings. Household responsibilities pull at my brain, relentlessly, demanding my attention in other directions. Were past female artist tortured by these obligations? Did they have to close their creative eye to vacuum the house or dust the furniture. Am I alone in these thoughts or do other artist today have "domestic" issues? 

I do know that the arts and crafts women create these days are fabulous. The content and technique prove to be beautiful and moving. I admire each creative moment that women give to the world of arts and craft. Through this admiration I have labeled this period in our lives as the "Domestic Art Movement". Let's talk about this movement, leave your comments on my blog. Tell me who you are and why you create art. What conflicts fall on to your path to creativity? How do you deal with these conflicts?

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Amber said...

Well you know who I am but I will tell you about my art. With the greater amount of leisure time that I have these days, the more I am feeling the need to create. Since I haven't found my art or craft yet, I find myself dabbling in several things. Just today I found a "Arts & Crap" store that was tiny but I got lost in all of the possibilities for me. I have yet to find my art, but so far my crafts tend to be memorabilia type things such as scrapbooking and gifts (can't tell you because I don't want to give away my secrets). Anyhow, sometimes I feel like my artistic outlet needs to serve dual purpose to make it meaningful. By that I mean, when I feel the desire to create something I feel like I should make a gift or a keepsake, which would be a domestic task as well. So while I feel the desire to be creative, I want it to meet some other domestic need as well. That's all I have for now; I will continue to think on it.

Colette George said...

Kim, I like your writing and you're able to articulate the process for so many women really well. It's an interesting perspective. This will be in my noggin today! I think it's an important aspect of our work. Off the top of my head- my work is my own little world, the place where I get to escape those cares. But, of course, it's a balancing act.
There are simply not enough hours in the day and juggling so many things at once is an enormous challenge. That's why we do art- because we love it, not because we have to, huh?
Hugs, Colette

Ellie said...

I am a tortured soul fighting the yin and yang of my creative heart.
I tend to see all the household chores I need to do, while trying
to create. I guess I need to make
a creative blindfold for that damn eye, lol. I feel torn, between my artistic soul trying to grow and my family responsibilities. I feel like a bulb, I want to bloom, but feel forced to do the responsible things, first. I know when I do create I'm happy and I am more fun to be around. I guess for me it is an elixir for my soul. I was depressed and now I'm not, art gives me a voice.
Even though, it is a rough voice and in the developing stages. I feel the tug and the allure to just do it, while the dust collects.