Monday, April 20, 2009


Are we all guilty of diversion? Do you know what I am referring too? An example, (hypothetically) you need to do a task, pay bills, do launder, wash the car, any small everyday chore. However, you choose to sweep the floor, clean out a random closet or give the cat a bath, well maybe not give the "cat" a bath, but you know what I mean. Your mind diverts in a million different directions, avoiding the task at hand. Why? Do you pre-empt your decisions with other decisions, "before I can do this I need to......" 

My blog has been my "road not taken". Excuse? Well, I wanted load more photos of art. But my camera battery is dead, the card is full, which means a trip to the store, so I might as well do a little shopping while I'm out.... Again diversion.  My solution, I am going to embrace my blog, love my blog, become one with my blog.

Diversion? I'll keep some on reserve for future use, you feel free to do the same.

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