Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is always great to resolve underlying issues.  I received an email from "artistvo" offering to "kiss and make-up" on the etsy sites.  This was wonderful news and I gladly accepted the olive branch.  Understanding..... is a good thing.

Finished this collage, and now I am excited to continue with more in a series.  The images from this piece were taken from vintage "Popular Science" magazines that my son-in-law gave me.  The stories, photos, line-drawings etc are amazing.  I relish each page with great anticipation of what is to come.  Look closely at the art and see the airplane, instrument panels, clocks, graphs and finally the wings.  Reading found poetry written by Annie Dillard has been inspirational, the poems are crazy, funny and beautiful.  Especially the section taken from medical books.  The information in this format  takes on an entirely different meaning.  Another way to look at life......

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