Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zooming through the week, collecting thoughts, excited to put them in my sketchbook.  I enter this process with trepidation, which leads me to wondering why?  Making decisions with a clear conscience is the ultimate goal.  Piecing everything together results in some great collage.  Today has been inspirational, and I am looking forward to tomorrow's art.


maddmanj said...

That would be very interesting. I would definitely read the table of contents of some people and be able to decipher whether or not they have edited it for public exposure. I wonder how much I would edit my own index. Don't we all try to be better than we are on paper?

Amber said...

I agree, what an interesting concept! I think I would edit mine a lot because I am control freak . . . but then again I often don't care what others think of me. Would we all be more inclinded to read about each other if we had indexes rather than actually giving each other a chance and trying to get to know each other?