Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listening to Urlsa Helgi's book "The Worst Thing We've Done", I was surprised that the main character was a collage artist.  It made me wonder, why the author had selected this occupation, how she visualized this element as part of the story, etc.  Currently reading, "Divisadero" by Maichael Ondaatje, where in the first chapter he says, "Everything is collage, even genetics, everything biographical is collage,  it is the hidden presence of everyone in us, even if we cannot see them, it is in the layers.  I love that statement!  

Defining my work when asked what kind of art I do, has prompted me to dive into the understanding of conceptual art.  This direction has taken on an entire life of its own.  I have had pleasure of corresponding with Jonathan Tabot as to his response to the idea of conceptual art. 
The puzzlement of two words, conceptual and intention, leaves me with lots to ponder today.  

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Brittney said...

Who is Jonathan Tabot? Why are you referencing him in your research? I, too, liked the statement that everything is a collage. When stepping back and looking at my own life, I can see the different layers of myself, mother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher... The list continues and each one of these things is connected to each other. We all have many layers. As Shrek once said, we are like onions! :)