Sunday, October 12, 2008

Following up the research I started on Friday...  WOW!  Found some great information on collage art and recently published books.  What I don't currently own, was available via library and friends.  My brain has been buzzing with thoughts and mind chatter.  Once the buzzing settles down I will begin writing.  My heart races with  anticipation, new things to learn, read and write.  
Art on my "seven" series is humming along, good direction.  Checked out a collage artist that published years ago, brain lapse, I will continue on that thought tomorrow.

Monday awaits.


Brittney said...

Do you ever use the literature you listen to/read to inspire your work? I would think that as an artist, you would create a variety of visual images to play with.

kimberly said...

Yes! In fact I am deeply inspired by literature, quotes, and words. Listening to Urlsa Helgi's book "The Worst Thing We've Done", I was surprised that the main character was a collage artist. It made me wonder, why the author had selected this occupation for this character, how she visualized as part of the story, etc. Currently, I am reading "Divisadero" by Michael Ondaatje, where in the first chapter he says, "Everything is collage, even genetics. Everything biographical is collage, it is the hidden presence of everyone in us, even if we cannot see them, it is in the layers. I love that statement!